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Hand Massage


Isbell Shinn

Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Spiritual Director,
Herbalist, Dreamworker
Undivided, Embodied, You.


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”


My practice– in my office and in my Zoom room– is a place set apart for you to unplug & reconnect– to yourself, your story, your body, and the Big Love.

In my work with clients, I weave together care of body and spirit with a deep respect for the sacred wholeness of every person. I support clients seeking integration, rest, and renewal. I welcome you to come as you are.

Some people come with a need to have their spirits tended. I meet them with offerings of spiritual direction and dreamwork.

Some people come with a need for healing and attention to their bodies. I meet them with massage therapy, individualized yoga instruction (yoga therapy), herbal education, and Reiki.


Foundations to My Approach

  • A massage is a wonderful thing. It is not “just” a luxury item, it is so much more. Receiving touch affects you– mind, spirit and body.

  • Not every problem can be addressed in the self-help section of the bookstore. Sometimes we need companions along the way, who can bring Presence and questions that invite us deeper. 

  • Self-care is more than a maintenance schedule to keep you functioning and highly productive. And, scheduling maintenance is important, too.

  • Not everything can be cured but a lot can be healed or helped.

  • Sometimes things are complicated. Other times things are just hard.

  • For too long in many Western traditions, the body has been split off from mind and spirit/soul. In reality, it’s not separate, and it’s not less than. Your body is an essential source of wisdom, and it’s your home.

  • I believe in the team approach. Assembling a team of allies to care for your mental health, spiritual wholeness, physical vitality is a big plus, along with having friends, community, and creative places to dwell or visit. I am on “Team You” for my clients.

  • Yoga is not a competitive practice, and every body enlivens postures and practices in different ways. Curiosity is the most important quality to bring to the yoga mat.

  • Plants have much to offer in terms of nourishment and wisdom. Humans can develop relationships with plants–as food, as remedies, as tonics, as teachers, and as allies. Herbalism is a lifestyle that contains many paths and practices. Embracing herbal approaches does not require rejecting allopathic medicine and pharmaceuticals. Remember, team approach for the win.

  • Dreams that come in sleep (and daydreams too) are symbolic and metaphorical stories in which the dreamer is the star! Working with dreams is a skill that many communities have let go of.  Honoring a dream and the inherent wisdom of the dreamer through dreamwork unlocks many doors.

  • There are forces, inside and outside of us, that dismiss the importance of the body’s wisdom, the insights of the imagination, and the essential goodness of all of creation. I stand in opposition to those detractors. Your body is wise. Dreams bring insights. God Loves. We do not need to strive to earn gold stars. Life is a gift to unwrap every day.

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Jennie's studio was very clean and welcoming. She sent a survey before we met to find out what areas in my body were of concern and after sitting and talking when I got there, asked what I liked and disliked in a massage. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning and her amazing skills took care of all the knots in my body. I am so glad I went to her and have made another appointment. Her hands are truly healing....


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