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Your Body is Your Home.

(Let that sink in.)

Now, Welcome Home.

I work with clients on improving their daily lives-- through postural assessment and modifications, stretching and strengthening, learning to breathe deeply and efficiently, and by using touch to address places of pain and chronic tension. I offer four kinds of bodywork appointments, and within each, the option to blend forms as we go. Rome wasn't built in a day, so I recommend on-going bodywork sessions.


Massage Therapy

Massage sessions are $140-$200 depending on duration.


Year-round Island residents please inquire about discounts. 

I bring my entire massage techniques toolbox to every session. Over 22 years of practice, I have studied and experienced a lot of modalities. Before each session, we talk about what's going on in your body and in consultation we agree on areas of focus and any special modalities to bring in beyond traditional Swedish massage, including hot stones, reflexology, joint mobilization, assisted stretching, and Reiki. 

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Thai Bodywork

85 minutes session $180.

$75-$125 travel fee per trip if I am traveling to your location.

Thai Bodywork, sometimes called Thai Yoga Massage, is an amazing form that combines massage, joint mobilization, and assisted stretching. It's done fully clothed on a mat on the floor, which allows for working deeply in places that just can't be worked effectively with oil on a table. 

I'm also available to travel to your location. I tack on a $75-$125 travel fee per trip (depends on what town and what season), not per client, so consider this for home spa days, wedding parties, and as a wind up for date night!

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Integrative Yoga Therapy

$100/ 75 minute session.

Yoga Therapy uses the practices and understandings of Yoga to address an individual's needs. In yoga classes, you do the teacher's practice; in a private session, you do your practice. (Postures, meditation, breathwork, energetics, mudras, and creation of a home practice that works are included in private sessions.) I am recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists as a Certified Yoga Therapist. I book  single sessions, but it's best to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions so we can make a plan, revise it, and see what changes unfold for you. This is good bodywork for those who want to develop, deepen or reclaim a personal yoga practice.

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60-70 minute session, $100 

Reiki is a hands-on energy work technique that originated in Japan. I offer private Reiki sessions for times when you feel like your need to "recharge" or your primary concerns are deficiency and a need for deeper rest. I have been doing Reiki sessions since 1999, and have known it to be helpful to clients with insomnia, a general sense of depletion, anxious mind, and both doubt and curiosity about the realm of "energy" work.

Reiki has become more popular in the West over the last two decades, and much has been uncovered and researched about it's origins and efficacy. 

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